The Tale Of Gill McFinn's


We here at Gill McFinn's are dedicated to the Spirit of Adventure, be it found in a gale of salty air, the stinky mud of a jungle swamp, or in the biting cold of a snow-capped peak. We are here to provide you with the gear you need to tell the world, "Hey! I'm a damned Adventurer! Get the hell out of my way, I've got a big-ass fish to catch!" or "What?? You like this shirt? Then grow a pair and get your own!" We want you to feel you've earned the shirts you wear, not simply purchased them. Our shirts say, "I've paid my dues!"

If you've heard the tales of the mythical fish that dwell in our waters and want a chance to catch one of these legendary beasts, then arm yourself with our Lures of Legend™ and cast your line with the salty vigor that only a true fisherman can. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to hook into the creatures only heard about in Fish Tales™. Or maybe you're in search of Reel Fish © Joseph R. Tomelleri. Our forests and mountains are also home to Mammals of Myth™. These legendary land creatures have only existed in fables, and if you have the cojones needed to seek out these creatures, then Gill McFinn’s™ has trophies in the form of badass shirts just for you!


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