Our First Glimpse of The Molokanaki Islands

Ahoy fellow adventurers!

Welcome to the my little home on the internet. Please bear with me, as this "blogging" thing is rather new to me. I imagine I should think of it as I do my personal journal... only shared with thousands of people the world over. I guess that means that I'll have to keep it pretty clean. No posts from my favorite bars in the East Indies or any of that sort of stuff (by the way, if you're ever in Balakawan, check out "Snuffy's", he makes a Mai Tai that'll scrape the barnacles off your keel!).

What I intend to do with this journal is to bring you along with the crew and I as we traverse the globe on my faithful ship the Frankie Anne III in search of the disappearing mysteries left on this old planet. You know, nowadays we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about the depths of our own oceans. There's plenty to discover there, let me tell you. I've seen creatures peeking out of the gloom 300 fathoms down that'd make you sh... oh right, clean... that'd make you soil your tighty-whities. What is rapidly disappearing are the mysteries up here on the surface! Jungles are shrinking and man is building condos wherever he can grab a foothold. This is why our aim this year is to seek out some of the last great phantoms that (legend has it) roam the wild.

This brings us to our first adventure! We've traveled across the North Pacific, through the South China Sea and up the Straight of Malacca, to the mysterious Molokanaki Islands, where explorers (no one actually inhabits these islands) have caught glimpses of the Molokanesian Spotted Dragon Lizard. There are currently no records of its existence, and only fleeting glimpses have been seen. It's said to be 8 feet long and can travel of speeds up to 15 MPH. It reportedly will claw its way up a tree and leap through the canopy if spotted, quickly disappearing into thin air.

So, this evening, we sailed into sight of these islands, constantly shrouded with thin layer of fog, and are readying our gear for our first foray into the jungle. I snapped this photo from the deck just minutes ago. As soon as I upload this to our satellite feed and place it into your good hands, I'm going back topside to drop a line in and have a scotch! I hear these waters are crawling with African Pompano... let's hope they're biting!

Farewell my friends!

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