Bass Tattoo, Angler Tee, or Both?

Bass Tattoo, Angler Tee, or Both?

Fishing is the kind of sport that goes perfectly with getting a gnarly tattoo. Since tattoos are all about imprinting your passion directly on your skin, it’s no surprise that many fishermen get bass tattoos. They can be real beauts, just like the fish. It’s not that the scales and gills and eyes-with-no-lids are necessarily so charming to look at. It’s the struggle to catch bass that makes them sea creatures worthy of an intricate and possibly full-color tattoo. A website featuring tattoos, called Tattoodo, recently published a story about bass tattoos, and the artistry on the examples shown is awe-inspiring.

Arguably, Bass Fishing is Best

If you were going to get a fish tattoo, what kind of fish would you want permanently etched on your arm or leg or some other body part? There is plenty to love about fishing for all kinds of catches. People everywhere share affection for bass fishing, and it’s for several really good reasons. The following could be some justifications for your gilled tattoo of a bass:

  • Hits can be explosive. Bass are voracious predators, and they put up a terrific fight that can test the flexibility of your fishing rod. It’s a lot of fun to reel a powerful bass all the way in.
  • It’s a genuine achievement to catch a large bass. Many people mount their prized catches, but getting a tattoo of your victory is even better. Actually makes more sense, too, since you can show off your trophy catch wherever you go.
  • Bass aren’t fussy. There’s no need to buy gourmet bait. No need to research the latest lures, though that can be a great way to spend an afternoon, too. Bass are simply content to go after the standard earthworm. Skill is still required to make something of a hit, but it’s nice that a worm can get the party started.
  • There’s a lot of fancy gear that you can get to enhance your fishing experience, but none of it is necessary to go bass fishing. You don’t even need an elaborate fishing boat to find and catch bass. In waters nicely “stocked” with bass, all you may need is a fishing pole, a worm, and a well-situated pier.
  • Excellent prizes are available at bass fishing tournaments in many places across the country.

Or get a T-Shirt

If getting a bass tattoo isn’t your style, Gill McFinn’s is here for you. Look for a fishing shirt, hooded sweatshirt, crewneck sweatshirt, tank top, t-shirt, or zipper hoodie that suits your fish-loving fancy. We’ve got fish shirts, tees with imaginative lures, and much more for the avid angler.

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