Fishing is Great for the Tug and Sometimes Bigger Magic

Fishing is Great for the Tug and Sometimes the Magic

Some of the best kind of news was widely shared on the Internet this week, and it does a fisherman’s heart good. A couple of teenager entrepreneurs or “teenpreneurs,” as they were called, have started up a genius business. Their company is called CP Reel Fishing, and it’s all about teaching children age 7 and up how to fish. One of the teens said, “The tug is a drug.” They will get no argument from Gill McFinn. Can’t help but wonder, however, if they know there are some fish that are rumored to have magical powers, like the fish on this Red-Whiskered Ridgeback Catfish Tee Shirt. No doubt about it, there is a lot about fishing that could hook anyone who gives it a try.

A Couple of Kids Who “Get It”

While most kids today seem to be hooked to their cell phones and iPads, high school sophomores Cade Ruggiero and Patrick Rooney are hooked on fishing. They have discovered that fishing in real life is better than a video game any day. Even excellent video games like Sega Bass Fishing Duel and Pro Fishing Challenge for Xbox pale in comparison to being outdoors and throwing a fishing line in the water.

All the fun these boys have fishing are catch-and-release. They explain that the fish they catch aren’t fit to eat. Now, this isn’t the same as old-fashioned fishing for your supper, but it’s still a commendable obsession.

A Practical Business Model

The teens provide fishing rods, bait, and other necessary gear for their pupils. The cost for fishing lessons is $15 per hour for an individual lesson with a two-hour minimum. Groups of three or more pay $20 per hour with a two-hour minimum, since two instructors are required. Minimum age is 7.

Experienced bass anglers can get in on the action by learning new techniques. There’s extra challenge and sense of reward involved in catching bass, after all. Other than that, the idea is to teach beginners.

Share the Magic

Any true fisherman will recognize that this fishing business the teens have opened is a way to share the joys of fishing. Imagine how much more the fascination may grow if the rare magical Red-Whiskered Ridgeback Catfish were available in more places than a remote area of China. This is a creature of legend than provides rewards of happiness and incredible riches to any who touch it. As a seaman who has chased such legend, I will admit this is the kind of tug that’s more my kind of drug.

Get the T-Shirt

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