Horror in the Mississippi at New Orleans

Large Mouth Zombie Bass V-Neck T-Shirt - Click here to buy!Gill McFinn here. Most people talk about the French Quarter when they visit New Orleans, Louisiana. But it’s the same as everyplace else for me. I want to know how the fishing is. While inquiring about fishing in the Mississippi River, it was confusing at first to hear about things like voodoo and zombies, of all dad-blasted things. A fish was described to me, and you can see what it looks like on my Large Mouth Zombie Bass V-Neck T-Shirt. Never thought this yarn would prove true, but I was going fishing, anyway. I checked it out.

Fishing the Mississippi

I’ll admit that my crew checked out the jazz and the general excitement of New Orleans, and they had a few too many brews. I threw back a few whiskies, but not much. I wanted to keep a clear head for my first fishing trip on the Mississippi River at New Orleans. It is an enormous, muddy river flowing directly through the heart of the city. Tourists and residents alike eat, dance, drink, and neck at the river’s edge.

I heard tale of a huge 70,000-ton freighter that the captain of the ship could no longer steer. Happened back in 1996, I believe. The enormous freighter lost power. Without the ability to control the direction of the freighter, I’m sure the captain may have soiled his britches.

The huge freighter headed straight toward a teeming shopping mall. It was impossible to miss the massive object headed their way. Hundreds ran for their lives. In fact, 116 people were injured because they were trampled by others as the massive freighter quickly approached.

Two hundred feet of crumbled concrete and twisted steel was the worst outcome of the frightening tragedy. Amazingly, no one was killed, and the only people injured were those who had been trampled. I’m sure no one was more relieved than the captain, since a captain is ultimately responsible for what happens to the vessel he is in charge of.

The real story behind the Large Mouth Zombie Bass V-Neck T-Shirt

With thoughts of that freighter in mind, I pulled up anchor and went fishing alone in my trusty fishing boat. Rarely do I go alone, but New Orleans is a big draw for the crew. I didn’t want to spoil their fun.

I headed to a marshy area near some woods at dusk. Having dismissed stories of a zombie fish as folklore, my mind was filled with thoughts of that freighter disaster. Of all the fish stories I tell, this one is more fantastical, but also the most simplistic. I sank the recommended bait – a chicken neck. I fully expected to pull up a group of crabs, which would have been fine by me.

Instead, with no one there to witness it, on the first cast, I saw it. I almost caught it. Just as described, a large mouth zombie bass was dangling on my hook, but some of its meat tore off and he escaped the net.

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Check out the fascinating zombie fish I almost caught, and get your own Large Mouth Zombie Bass V-Neck T-Shirt. Next time you’re in New Orleans, throw out a chicken neck in a marshy area at dusk. You may catch one, too!

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