The Best Fish To Catch In The Summertime

Summer is halfway over and you haven't gone fishing yet? Plan your trip and use this as your guide to see what you can watch out for when you're out at sea under the sunshine.

best fish to catch in the summertime

1. Largemouth Bass
This freshwater fish is native to the eastern and central parts of the United States. Though it's known by a variety of names, they are common and perfect for catching on a summer's day. Fishermen like you love Largemouth Bass because they are known for their resistance to being hooked - and it provides adventure. Looking for a little thrill? Look out for this fish.

2. White Bass
This freshwater fish is perfect for those visiting a freshwater area. If you're fishing in the midwest, you'll find this swimmer. Head to a large reservoir or river, cast your line, and go!

3. Northern Pike
The Northern Pike is a freshwater fish that can be found by themselves, rather than in schools. If you're into extremities, be sure to try catching this fish. They're large and predatory, so make sure if you reel one in, keep your distance!

4. Tarpon
If you're ever in Florida during the summer, you'll likely find a tarpon. This fish is common in the area. You can't eat this fish, but you can try to reel it in. Find it around the Florida keys, the coast, and along the Atlantic coast as well.

5. Snook
No matter where you are, why not try fishing for a snook? These fish can be found in fresh and saltwater as well as on either the Pacific or Atlantic coasts of North and South America. This is convenient for anyone in the USA. Go to your nearest coast, drop your line, and reel it in.

6. Smallmouth Bass
Just like its number one ranked fish at the top, this Small Mouth bass is great for anglers who like a little bite. Even more aggressive than their large counterparts, this fish can be one of the toughest to catch. It won't be a boring fishing day when you reel in a Small Mouth Bass.

7. Crappie
If you reel in white or black crappie, this freshwater fish is sure to be a grand catch. These panfish are found in North America and are super common among anglers.

8. Bluegill
Freshwater fish bluegill is from North America and is commonly found like its friends on the list. No matter what you call it (it is known by many names) it's a great catch no matter what.

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