The Truth Behind Turkey Hunting

Ahh, Thanksgiving. A time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality family time with a turkey as the centerpiece. You want everything to be perfect this year - so make it as authentic as possible. 

turkey thanksgving day

Don't you wish you could catch your own turkey? 

Check out some tips and tricks for hunting your very own wild turkey!

States For Catching Turkeys

In everywhere except Alaska, Canada, and Mexico, wild turkeys can be found frolicking carelessly making their way through people's yards, roads, and neighborhoods. Catch up to the flock and hunt down some dinner with these great states to hunt in.

Head up the mountain ridges of Northern-Central PA (hello, Poconos) and find a great wild turkey to call your own. Hunter orange is required in this state as it shows you're just one of the other hunters looking to make his mark on his meal!

New York
Who would have thought Long Island of all places is a popular option for Wild Turkeys? Legally hunt your own turkey from sunrise to sunset.

Nebraska & Kansas
Nebraska & Kansas have long hunting seasons. Make this season yours by finding Thanksgiving dinner on your own terms on the Great Plains. 

Just like potatoes, this state is choc-full of turkeys! Find one that fits your family and it's game on.

New Mexico
Find a turkey and use "any legal hunting arm" to call it dinner this year.

Alabama has a short turkey hunting period in November, but you can find the time to get your turkey down and ready.

Surprisingly, a lot of wild Turkeys can be found in the Golden State. Hunting laws vary by county.

Check your state laws for hunting times and where to go! Now, check below for a few hunting tips and tricks for actually getting Tom Turkey and bringing him home for a meal.

 - Turkeys respond to noise. To separate them, get close quietly, then make turkey noises to spread them out. This will get them yards away from the others, letting you capture them quickly.

-Study up on your turkey noises.

-Hunting dogs can smell turkeys - if it's legal, bring one with you on your hunt.

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