Hunting Dos and Donts

It's hunting season and you can't wait. Whether you're picking up your Bow and Arrow or your firearm, it's time to bring home the bacon (or the buck.) 

Check out our list of Dos and Don'ts before you head out into the woods!

Hunting and Fishing Day

DO: Practice, Practice, Practice.
Whether playing darts or going to a gun range, you need to make sure your hit is on point. You don't have a lot of chances to get your kill before it runs away so make sure that you're ready to strike and remain accurate while doing so!

DONT: Carry An Odor.
If you carry a personal stench, no matter if it's cologne, perfume, or nothing at all, the animals will sense it. Remember, their sense of smell is much better than ours, so be sure to remain odorless (wash your clothes in odorless detergent) to keep stealthy.

DO: Hang Your Stand with Skill.
Hanging your stand requires practice. You want to make sure you're on your guard and you can't be seen. So practice even when you're not going out to hunt and make sure you can set it up quickly and quietly.

DONT: Hang Your Stand without A Harness.
Going out to hunt always risks a little bit of injury but it's hanging your stand without a harness that puts you in more danger. Make sure you have the proper equipment to do this in a productive way. (See the tip before this one for more on hanging your stand.)

DO: Plan Your Trip
You want to make sure that you know the land, where the game goes, and where you want to strike. Plan your spot out beforehand so you're familiar with the lay of the land.

DONT: Go In An Unexpected Area
If you go to uncharted territory, you might not know what's around. See the above tip and do your research or you could experience something dangerous! 

Go more dos and don't of hunting? Comment below!

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