The Amazon River was an adventure my crew and I prepared for with all sorts of extra gear. We had plenty of strange experiences, but none stranger than the one represented on my Red-Bearded Spotted Moose T-Shirt.
As a lifelong fisherman, I enjoy wearing my Starry Flounder T-Shirt. It is a reminder that there is an exciting conquest to be had along the Pacific Coast.
Gill McFinn here. Most people talk about the French Quarter when they visit New Orleans, Louisiana. But it’s the same as everyplace else for me.
Well, we set off into the thick jungle and up the steep hills after a successful landing at Paluang. Skipper Dick stayed with the boat as Powell and I hacked our way (gently, mind you) into the brush. Vines hung from the dripping trees and the ground was covered with a soft moss, making progress slow.