Welcome to the my little home on the internet. Please bear with me, as this "blogging" thing is rather new to me. I imagine I should think of it as I do my personal journal... only shared with thousands of people the world over.
Fishing is the kind of sport that goes perfectly with getting a gnarly tattoo. Since tattoos are all about imprinting your passion directly on your skin, it’s no surprise that many fishermen get bass tattoos.
Victor Littlefield of Sitka, Alaska, took his 14-year-old son and two others fishing last week; and they had a terrifying encounter with an orca whale, also known as a killer whale.
Any true fisherman can appreciate that there are countless kinds of fish in the sea, in rivers, lakes, and other waterways.
Some of the best kind of news was widely shared on the Internet this week, and it does a fisherman’s heart good. 
I may be leather-tough from my time at sea, but I still appreciate humor, especially if it’s related to fishing. I wear an Orange Tongue Tufted Min-O-Spinner Tee Shirt on occasion, because this frou-frou lure