The Best Fish For Catching And Eating

No matter where you go fishing, you go with one thing in mind - food! Catch your dinner and look out for some harmful fish with our list of the best to catch and fry (or broil, or bake..)

gill mcfinns fish tales best fish to catch

1. Salmon
The most common fish especially on the east coast, you can catch this common fish in the northern Atlantic ocean. Grilling or broiling is the preferred way of cooking this fish.

2. Halibut
This popular type of flounder can be caught in the pacific ocean and is pretty common among the seas. The thin fish is best grilled and can be cooked in 6-10 minutes.

3. Cod
Find the Atlantic Cod by jetty or offshore, these fish are common and their flaky white texture is perfect for fish tacos!

4. Swordfish
There's a reason swordfish remain a delicacy - they're incredibly hard to catch. If you do catch one at night (they're nearly impossible to get during the day) the best way to prepare this meaty fish is by pan-searing, grilling, or baking it.

5. Chilean Sea Bass
Chilean Sea Bass also remains a delicacy due to its main catching spot being in Antarctica. Whether you bake or sear this fish, it is sure to be a meal that is enjoyed.

6. Yellowtail
If you catch a Yellowtail fish, it will likely be in the summer months, so throw it on the grill when you prepare it or pan-sear it for a different, less charred taste. 

7. Yellowfin Tuna
The Yellowfin Tuna is found in the tropical or subtropical oceans and is best known for its role in your favorite sushi roll. Grill it and marinate it with something amazing!

8. Red Snapper
Look for this fish in the Western Atlantic Ocean and Mexico, then get ready for a delicious meal. Then fire up the grill or throw it in the pan for a fun filet that you can be proud of.

9. Mahi Mahi
You can't have just one mahi! California and Costa Rican oceans play host to this tropical fish that's usually served at your favorite restaurant.  Sear it or try it blackened for a healthy meal that you'll love. 

10. Grouper
Head down to Florida to catch grouper or go up to New England - this fish is easily accessible but also tastes different depending on where you catch it. As for preparation, put it in the pan and follow a recipe for a delicious meal.

11. Bluefin Tuna
These fish are actually found off the coast of Louisiana, believe it or not. Set your crawfish aside and set your sights on this tuna, then cook it into a steak for a healthy and delicious option.

Got more suggestions on cooking these fish or more suggestions on fish to catch? Comment below! 

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